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 Character Creation

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The creation of your character sheet in Avalon is important in relationship to how you will experience the game. A short, detailed character history, statement of goals and drives, and attention to details in point placement is all you need to have a great time with your character in Avalon.

Step One
The first thing to do is figure out who your character is, this starts with a 2-3 word phrase describing his or her concept. For example... "Combat Monster" "Mystery Detective" or "Pampered Debutant"
These are not necessarily all you will do in the game, but should give you and the ST a quick sketch of you your character is.

Step Two
Nature an Demenor...these are a growing important features on your character sheet to be aware if. They are who your character is inside (Nature) and face he or she presents to the world (Demenor). It isn't to say every action is guided by these "words" but those extended ones that are will be rewarded with the return of will power, and possibly, over time, the development of extra reserves of will.

Step Three
Background Stories and Goals...start with who your character was as a mortal, and why were they embraced? Were they a product of careful selection by their sire based of a special skill or the product of a passion, embraced in the moment? How old are they?(max 250 years) What events in history have they seen or possibly been tied to? Who are they now, what do they do? How do they make their money? Who in the modern night is important to them? Who are they important to? These are the kinds questions that will make your point placement much easier, giving you a structure to start setting up your sheet for success.

Nature + Demenor can cone from any of the Vampre:The Masquerade books (provided you give a description for the ST on your sheet if your not using a core book one)

Generation starts at 13 and costs 1 FB point per level down to a Max of 8th Generation.

Some stats work actively and reactively. If your character has a 4 or 5 in certain stats, then without them needing to roll, NPCs will role play in a manner fitting your stats. Example, Jill's Toreador Model has an Appearence of 5 (attraction), so the ST will generally describe her entrances as eye catching, people stop talking as she enters a room, men smile and almost forget their dates, women look on with envy in their eyes, ect...Likewise, Jackson's Ventrue Mob boss has an intimidation of 5 (stairdowns) and when he meets the hoodlums and thugs at back of the bar for a "chat" they come across as nervous, knowing better then to make eyecontact with you out of fear and respect, coincidently, the people sitting in your booth, and the adjoining booths also cleared out as you gave them the evil eye on your approach. This isn't to say you won't be rolling these stats, but much of the game can be played without the dice being needed.

Disciplines start off as only being in clan disciplines (4 free points, with a minimum of 1 per category) but physical stats like Auspex, Celerity, Fortitude, and Potence may be purchased with Freebie Points after your initial points have been spent. Characters at 8th Generation may purchase some of the advanced levels of their disciplines (level 6 disciplines) based on the ST's descretion and role played out. Caitiffs may not start with any of the clan specific disciplines but may purchase any of the common ones at an "in clan" cost with no mentor.

Player Characters must be Camarilla based and have at least been released from their sires (the accounting) with a working knowledge of Kindred Society and the Traditions. There are several "non-traditional" clan or blood lines available on a first come first serve basis for players who want a little something different. The playable clans are as followed...

Caitiffs* There can be any number of Caitiff Players in the game, but I feel it's important to reiterate that a Caitiff PC must be Camarilla based and may not start off with ANY status at all.

Gangrel* There is room for any number of Gangrel Players in the game, and they may posses Statuses, but they must be in the Camarilla, despite the majority of the Clan's exodus.

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Character Creation
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