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 Experience Counts

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You gain 1 experience point at the end of every game night provided you were actively involved in the game. (every 2 weeks = 1 point) In the event that the game night gets extended, you will receive 2 experience points at the end of the game night. This makes for slower progression, but keeps your character from gaining to much power to fast and keeps things in better prespective to how many years as a kindred it took to get you to where you currently are.

Staying in character and producing some AMAZING role playing can earn you an extra expience point at the ST's discretion.

An extra experience point is often granted on your birthday, and for Christmas...don't ever say I didn't get you anything rule Razz

And you will get 1 extra experience point at the end of the chapters

Here are the costs of XP expenditures

Experience Cost

New Ability 3
New Path 7
New Discipline 10
Attribute current rating X4
Ability current rating X2
Clan Discipline current rating X5 *
Other Discipline current rating x7 *
Secondary Path current rating x4
Virtue current rating x2 **
Humanity current rating x2
Willpower current rating

* Caitiff have no clan-based Disciplines, just as they have no clan. For them, the cost of raising Disciplines is the current rating x 6 for all Disciplines. This is both a curse and a blessing of being Clanless.

** Increasing a Virtue through experience does not increase Traits based on that Virtue (Humanity, Willpower).

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Experience Counts
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