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 Childe Background

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Your Childe starts off with 6/4/2 in Attributes and 10/7/5 on Abilities/Skills/Knowledges and only get 2 disciplines to start...everything else on their sheet is the same as a regular PC's sheet, but they get no FB's and only Resources Allies and Contacts as possible backgrounds (at his background level) Your fledgling Childe was probably embraced in your last city or enroute to Avalon, and so his stats should reflect this.

A level 1 Childe costs 2 FB and is going to make a lot of mistakes without his sire's constant guidance

A level 2 Childe costs 4 FB and makes less mistakes but should in no way be left alone. He gains 4 FB

A level 3 Childe costs 6 FB and works better and knows a few things, has accepted unlife. He gains 6 FB

A level 4 Childe costs 8 FB and is almost on his way to hunting alone. He knows the traditions and understands a lot about kindred society. He gets an extra 3 free dots in his stats group and 2 in his group and 8 FB towards which he may now purchase a 3rd level 1 discipline.

A level 5 Child costs 10 FB and is almost ready to be accepted for release, and can now hunt alone, but his sire is still responsible for his mistakes. His character sheet is the same as a beginning character except he only has 3 points in disciplines and is restricted to the same background choices. His sire is still responsible for his actions, bur the Childe can act independently now at this point and knows enough of the kindred condition and kindred society to stay out of a lot of troubles. He may also be used as an alternate character sheet for the player now and gains half his sires XP (1Xp every game night he's used and 1/2 his sire's XP should his sire meet final death)

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Childe Background
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