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PostSubject: Visual Effects   Visual Effects EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 10:31 pm

Some of this is just dramatics, but I always felt that some of the Disciplines give off very small "tells" that only those experienced in using them or tracking them would notice. Some things like the glint in a mortals eyes when Presence works on them...or the wake that Obfuscate leave when a individual tries to use it when walking through a crowd. Here are some examples of how I feel it comes off

Gangrel Eyes
Visual Effects GangrelEyes

Aura Perception, Presence, Dominate
Visual Effects AuraPerception

For the most part, this is just for dramatic effect, but poor uses of the disciplines or ill fated rolls could use this special effect as a trigger for your character's demise...yet another reminder, be cautious when using your vampiric gifts in public.

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Visual Effects
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