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 Hunting, Bleeding, and Feeding

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PostSubject: Hunting, Bleeding, and Feeding   Hunting, Bleeding, and Feeding EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 10:44 am

In Avalon, your herd number will indicate how many blood points you will be able to grab at any 1 time throughout the night without hunting.
example: James has Herd 2 and is granted 7 vessles. He may gain 7 points throughout the night or at 1 time without making a hunting roll or having to role play out a scene. He is able to drink more, but then Roll/Role playing and consequences come in to play.

If you desanguinate one of your vessles because you let your beast take over, then you go down to 6 vessles, this is partially the reason why Herd is used on Avalon as it is.

Hunting Rolls are done with Perception or Perception + Herd or Perception + Streetwise* or Perception + Survival*

*We will let you use Streetwise to reflect on your knowledge of the types of places you could hunt more easily in a city.
*We will let you use Survival to reflect on your knowledge of the types of places you could hunt more easily in a the in the Outskirts.

You may apply any or all your free herd points at the start of the night by announcing it in forum

Hunting, Bleeding, and Feeding ST_Sig2
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Hunting, Bleeding, and Feeding
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